The First

An autumn evening, an orange sky
Brown leaves decorating the path,
Musical ambience as the birds cry,
Trees emerging from a sunshine bath.

We walked, admiring the beautiful nature,
A big rock was where we chose to pause,
Mother earth and us, without a creature,
Exploring her eyes made the nature applause.

Falling into it as the time stopped,
Watching the cold winds slap her face,
We kissed our first, as the birds popped,
It was a life, waiting for His grace.

We asked the sun not to sleep,
Trust the moon,he will gaurd us,
A word, which he promised to keep,
We thanked him, for what he does.

We walked back with memories in hand,
Nothin at all, but to love and be loved,
Eyes followed her to the farthest land,
To Him i plead, let me love and be loved.

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